Asana Ortho
Sculpting smiles inside out - done the yoga way
A practice built around you

Yoga inspired orthodontics

For health conscious families who believe strength comes from within

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Straighten teeth
Improve breathing
Smile better
Reform chewing

Why yogic ortho?

Align mind and body before teeth

A smile is an expression of inner strength and balance. A smile is more than straight orderly teeth. Asana Ortho educates you on achieving this holistic balance

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Nature aligned

Our philosophy is to assist the natural movement of teeth by removing restrictions, not artificial intervention. Like yoga not liposuction


Biomechanics is simple. We will educate you on the treatment strategy before you start. Orthodontics like Yoga works better when understood

Purpose Driven

For every 10 adults we treat, we offer one child on the autistic spectrum free treatment. You can nominate who gets treated


What people say

Loved by our

A new approach to life

Yoga inspired orthodontics for conscious families

Our team

Practicing what we preach

Dr. Nourah

Yogi Orthodontist. Graduated top-of class in Dental School


Yogi with an MBA. Founded CaapidSimplified and works at PicnicHealth

Shannan Wilson

Inspiration, designer of Lululemon Apparel

Trevor Tice

Inspiration, designer of CorePower Yoga

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A place to yoga center yourself

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